Tahitian Vodka Vanilla Extract & Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract


10 whole Tahitian vanilla beans (purchased on Amazon)

10 whole Madagascar vanilla beans (purchased on Amazon)

1 bottle Bullet Bourbon

1 bottle Titos Vodka

(2) 32 oz. glass mason jars

Homemade vanilla extract not only tastes amazing but it’s actually easy to make. The rule of thumb is 3 vanilla beans per 1 cup of 80 proof alcohol submerged in a glass container. Feel free to change out the ingredients as you like but buy good quality beans and make sure your alcohol is 80 proof or stronger.


  1. Take the Tahitian vanilla beans and slice lengthwise, making sure not to pierce the bottom layer of skin.

2. Add the 10 sliced vanilla beans to the 32oz. glass mason jar and pour the Titos vodka over. Make sure the vodka is poured to the top and that no bean is sticking out. *It’s important that all beans are submerged to prevent mold from forming. If the beans stick out simply cut the bean in half or snip off the top and throw in in the jar.

3. Repeat steps 1&2 with Madagascar beans and Bullet Bourbon.

4. Store in a cool, dark place and shake gently ever other week or so. Wait 3 months and your vanilla is ready to use!

*Your vanilla extract jars should last years, simply add more beans and alcohol as you use to keep it going.

*For gifts: these work great in smaller glass jars-add a bean or two, cut in half and some of the alcohol from the jar.

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