Chia Seed Pudding


3/4 C Chia seeds

3 C Toasted Coconut Almond Milk Blend (such a Califia)

1-3 T Honey

Toppings: Fresh berries, unsweetened cocounut flakes

My basic chia seed pudding is a base of 1/3 C chia seeds and 1 C liquid. I’ve found that the flavor from toasted coconut almond milk gives the best flavor to this chia seed pudding so I rarely stray from this recipe! My process is a little different than most but again, I’ve found that it yields the best result.


  1. Combine the chia seeds and coconut almond milk in a container with a lid (a little larger than the mixture itself-it will expand).
  2. With a fork stir the mixture well, mixing all the chia seeds into the almond milk
  3. Cover and store in the fridge overnight or at least 6 hours.
  4. Remove from the fridge, mix again and drizzle with 1-3 T of honey (depending on how sweet you like it). Mix for the final time with a fork to incorporate the honey.
  5. Top with fresh berries, unsweetened coconut flakes, etc.

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