Red Wine Braised Mushrooms

This oh-so flavorful side dish pairs well with everything from steak to polenta. Braising in the red one gives these little mushrooms a deep, rich taste that packs a punch for the taste buds. Ingredients: 16-24 oz Baby bella mushrooms (or similiar varietal), cleaned and ends trimmed 4 Tablespoons butter (sub vegan butter for vegan/vegetarian)Continue reading “Red Wine Braised Mushrooms”

Marinated Chicken & Veggie Kabobs

The balsamic honey marinade really makes these kabobs burst with flavor. We make a big batch of these and if by chance they all don’t get devoured the first night we toss them with farro or couscous for another meal! Ingredients: 4 chicken breast, cubed 1 zucchini, cut into large pieces 1 red onion, cutContinue reading “Marinated Chicken & Veggie Kabobs”

Hot Honey Butter Toast with Strawberry Jam

Hot honey butter has become a stable in our house, we use it for Corn on the cob, english muffins, steamed veggies, you name it and I have tried it or will try it! We went up to our cabin this weekend and this was not only easy to transport but really glammed up ourContinue reading “Hot Honey Butter Toast with Strawberry Jam”

Pretty Pink Hummus

This striking pink hummus gets it’s natural pink color from beets and a little beet juice. A great recipe to do a better job “eating the rainbow”, these beets are very well disguised in this recipe. I loved adding the pistachio topping with a sprinkle of red pepper flakes, it gave it an unexpected finishingContinue reading “Pretty Pink Hummus”